Monday, January 17, 2011

Card Challenge

I LOVE Paper Crafts magazine and have had a subscription to it for quite some time. Every so often they come out with special editions. I picked up one of their newer ones called Card Style. It has 269 card ideas in 4 categories: Fun & Cute, Clean & Graphic, Classy & Elegant and Shabby & Vintage.

The magazine is full of wonderful card ideas, which got me thinking. I decided to challenge myself to create one card from each page in the magazine. A lofty goal for me, I might add. I figured at the very least I'd have a selection of cards for any occasion that arises and I might have a lot of fun. I also thought I would share this process with you. I've picked a card on each page to use as my inspiration. In some cases I loved the card and pretty much duplicated it, in other instances I used it as a starting point and came up with my own interpretation or idea. Hope you enjoy taking this journey with me and maybe it will inspire you to try your hand at card making!


Anonymous said...

maybe you should do a wedding collection for inspiration. a save the date one, an announcement, an invitation and a thank you. maybe in a blue ! inside joke, Ester is going to help my niece and I for her upcoming wedding on June 25 !
I think the save the date ones are a single card as well as the announcement. the invite will be folded. have to decide if photo will be included and i think a single sheet of vellum enclosed. I don't mean to post as anonymous, just don't know how to do it otherwise. This is Karen Lynch of Truckee, CA who admires Ester's crafting abilities.

cklopping said...

This does sound like a lofty challenge, but if anyone can do it, Esther can!! I am sure the magazine would love to hear of your challenge and view your creations! They might be a bit jealous of the results, as well