Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Award

I was so excited today when I opened my email! I got The Stylish Blog Award from Cricutology

Thank you sooo much Janice!

When you receive this award you are to:

1. Thank the person who gave this award to me and link it back to their blog.
2. Share 8 things about myself
3. Pass this award to 8 individuals whom I have recently discovered.
4. Leave a comment so they can pass on the recognition!

Here are the 8 things about myself:

1.I am a wife to a fantastic husband, a mother to 2 beautiful daughters and a grandmother to 2 equally beautiful grandkids.
2. I LOVE to craft in all kinds of mediums, but paper crafting would be my favorite.
3. I have to have a piece of chocolate everyday!
4. I simply can't do anything before I have my first cup of coffee (note I say "first")
5. On that note I am addicted to Starbucks and wish I could afford to go there more often.
6. My poodle Jacquette is my best buddy.
7. A trip to a National Park would be my ultimate vacation.
8. I love summer and am looking forward to its speedy arival

Here are 8 new blogs to me which I love:

1. Paper Crafts by Candace
2. Moe Creations
3. JustYolie, JustCreate
4. Gaby Creates
5. Elbow Room Interiors
6. Funky Cards
7. Typical Scrapbooker!
8. In The Pink, Designs by Cathryn

Check out all these wonderful blogs!


Mom said...

Congratulations on your Stylish Blog Award !! You deserve it. You do beautiful work and are a good advertisement for the companies you mention on your site. Card On !

cklopping said...

I could not think of a more deserving award or a more deserving person! Your blog is informative, creative, and fun. Congratulations!