Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Second Blog Award

I want to thank Lisa over at A Mermaids Crafts for awarding me The Versatile Blogger Award!
I appreciate the recognition from one of my peers. It is always nice to receive a little love.

The rules to this award are:
1.) Thank the person who gave it to you
2.) Tell 7 things about yourself
3.) Send it to 15 other bloggers

Here are the seven things about me:

1. I'm a big kid at heart
2. One of my favorite spots to be is my craft room.
3. My grandson and I like to race (he rides is little bike and I run pushing his sister in the stroller) Guess who wins?
4. Chocolate is a basic food group
5. I like to go for walks
6. My hubby and I are homebodies
7. I like to water ski

Here are some blogs, in no particular order, I would like to pass this award to:
1. Cricutology
2. Dilsaver Designs
3. Canadian Craft Corner
4. Craft Macaroni and Paper
5. Crafty Jar
6. Erika's Crafty Creations
7. Get inspired With Chatterscene
8. Liz's Paper Loft
9. Typical Scrapbooker
10. The Scrapbooking Queen
11. The Purple Scrapbooker
12. The Best Is Yet To Be
13. Teachdanz
14. Under a Cherry Tree
15. Pink Bling Crafter

Hugs, Esther


teachdanz said...

thanks for the blog award!! I am your newest follower:-) I love your bean bag chick, how many have you made?

the cricutologist said...

Thank you for the award Esther! You are so kind to think of me! I'll be checking the other bloggers out too. I love that part of these awards. I love to make new bloggy friends!

CraftyJAR said...

Thanks so much for this award! Its so nice that you have taken the time to say that you like my work. It is really appreciated. I go look at the other blogs you listed some look brand new to me.
Thanks again!

Kimberly said...

Hi, thank you for the honour of giving me this award. I truly appreciate it..TFS!

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Esther, Congrats on you award!!! and thank you so much for thinking of me it's an honor!!! I agree that chocolate is a food group LOL!!!

liz at liz's paper loft said...

awwe, thanks so much for the blog award! It's always nice when someone likes what I do!
big hugs! liz :o)