Sunday, October 24, 2010


OK, keep in mind that an expert cake/cookie decorator I am not. My project this Saturday was to make some cookies for my Halloween Party. The theme of my party this year is "Going Batty". Here are the cookies I came up with. It's the first time I've worked with fondant. The vampire's hair is made with black fondant that has been rolled in black sanding sugar and his fangs are made with white fondant. He has candy eyes that I purchased at a cake decorating shop. I had fun making them, but obviously I need a little practice. The bats are chocolate sugar cookies with black sugar sprinkled on them and red cinnamon candy eyes. My grandson helped me sprinkle the sugar on!!


cklopping said...

Yummy AND adorable!!!

Sunny Dee said...

Don't sell yourself short, mom! I've seen you make GREAT cakes and cookies, and from what I can tell, these are excellently (and may I say, masterfully) done!


lovemypaper said...

WOW very cute love them!