Monday, August 11, 2014

Getting To Know Me Blog Hop

I recently received an email from a good Bloggy friend of mine Gloria of Girlia's Cards.

I first met Gloria when I started following and participating in her challenge blog - Celebrate The Occasion. Such a fun challenge blog! When they announced they were having try outs for a design team I jumped at the chance since I was already having fun participating in their challenges. I was lucky enough to make the team and get to know both her and her co-creator Adrian. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed my first run as a DT member on a challenge blog.

Gloria is very creative and I know you will enjoy perusing all of her fun creations, so I hope you'll take the time to stop by her blog and leave her some love!

Thank you Gloria for thinking of me and asking me to be a part of this blog hop.

What am I working on?

Well, right now I am working on projects for two design teams I am on and a Back To School blog hop I will be participating in August 15th. I'm also working on a few craft items that I will be giving as gifts to some family and friends.

Below is a printers tray I did for my Mom a couple of years ago.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, I think everyone who creates puts a bit of themselves in their creations. We all have our own take on our projects, wether it be cards, a layout or any other craft we may be working on.

Here's a sample of the creations I did when I was asked to carry the torch for Amber Ink.

Why do I write/create what I do?

I have always had a passion for making things. I absolutely love to create stuff!!! I find it fun, relaxing, challenging, just to name a few. I also really enjoy giving people I care about something that I have made. I think when you share your creations, you're letting the person you are giving it to know how special they are to you because you took the time to create something just for them!!

Below is a shadowbox I created for my brother.

What Is Your Creative Process?

Often it is either based on something I need to create for a design team I am on or an occasion that is coming up for which I need a gift. I love to browse through both magazines and Pinterest for inspiration. So often I see something and think "That is so cool, but I would add_______ or I would do ________"  and then I get started on my version.

I would like to tag two of my favorite blogging friends to join in on the fun!
Next Monday you'll get to know them better.

First is Gaby of Gaby Creates. I started following her blog when I first started blogging. I just loved all of her creations and she continually inspired me. I got to know her even better when she invited me to be a guest blogger for "Link Up For Pink" and after that when I joined their design team. She still constantly amazes me with her endless creativity!! She's so sweet and generous and I am very fortunate  to, again, join her on a design team. This time for Snapdragon Snippets. I encourage you to follow her blog you will be continually amazed and inspired by her fabulous creations.

Second is Kim of Kimberly Harris Studio. I have been a blogging friend of Kims for many years as well. I think I came upon her blog during a blog hop for a design team she is on for Emma of My Creative Time. I was immediately in love with her darling projects and become a loyal follower. She has a ribbon collection to die for among other things. She makes the most unique cards, tags, treat boxes, etc. and she is super duper sweet to boot. Hop over and check out her blog you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for joining me today !!


Mom said...

These are such loving and heartwarming creations. What special gifts these are for the fortunate recipients. GREAT WORK !!

CathyK said...

Great post!

girlia said...

Lovely job on the post love the collages. Thanks for sharing and helping me get to know you a little better. Thanks for the kind words...